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International Succession

In the last 20 years, many UK nationals have “run for the sun” and bought foreign real property in places as diverse as Florida, Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey, Cape Verde and South Africa. The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics estimates that around 5.6 million Britons live abroad, many of whom own their own property their or draw their pension abroad.

These facts occasion many issues which need to be addressed, both before and after death of the owner(s). When such owners die, their relatives and their professional advisers have to go through Probate and conveyancing in a foreign country, and the process can often be complex, extremely time consuming and costly.

It is advisable for any UK national who purchases contact Wills Solicitor Liverpoolproperty abroad to seek advice on the terms of a Will compliant with the legal rules relating to succession and legal formalities of a Will in that country.

I can advise on the significant features of the Law of Succession for most of the countries in which UK nationals are likely to acquire property and assets, and I can also advise on the Administration processes after death which, unfortunately, can be protracted, complicated and costly.

Please contact me to arrange a consultation at a time convenient to you.

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