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Wills and Probate Solicitor in Liverpool

I offer expert legal advice in a number of areas, including protecting your assets and making sure they eventually pass to your chosen heirs through the creation of Wills and/or Trust Funds and the provision of Inheritance Tax and Care Fee Planning advice.

Coronavirus message. To all our clients a and potential clients:

Please note that due to social, business, and employment restrictions imposed by HM Government on society and businesses, occasioned by the Covid-19 epidemic our practice will, for the foreseeable period, be operating on a skeleton staff only to provide assistance in key areas of legal services such as the execution of wills and certain court proceedings.
We will endeavour to deal with such key areas as effectively and timeously as possible without being able to offer face to face appointments in all but the most urgent will execution cases.
So far as concerns Notarial business this will be significantly hampered by the fact the UK Foreign Office has closed its doors and no document which requires the imposition of an Apostille Certificate will be processed by the FO until further notice.
Notarial work not requiring an Apostille may be dealt with if urgent but on a remote basis only.

I also advise on protecting the welfare and financial interests of your family members or close friends, through Lasting Powers of Attorney or a Court of Protection Order; when a loved one dies, helping you through the legalities of Probate; and, where relevant, providing advice on contesting a Will if insufficient or no financial provision has been made, or a Will is of questionable validity.

In particular, I have considerable expertise in the area of International Succession. When someone dies owning assets in more than one country, I can guide you through the complexities to help you to administer the estate according to that relevant country═s laws. If you own property or assets in more than one country, I can help you with your international estate planning.

For the small business owner, I offer invaluable advice on a range of issues to help you protect your assets for the benefit of your family or chosen heirs and ensure the longevity of your business.

Appointments can be arranged at my office or your home, if more convenient. Hospital visits can also be arranged, where required.
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I am also a Notary Public. More details can be found on my other website Notary Public Liverpool.

I also offer legal advice for the Entertainment and Media industries at VW Media Law.